HighTech Events is proud to offer the best concert equipment. We feel that this is what sets us apart as one of the best concert production companies out there. The thing that really sets us apart from the rest, though, is our world-class technicians. With decades of experience between them, our professional technicians can quickly set up everything you need to put on an unforgettable event. We can provide all of your backline needs and also supply all DJ riders for your concert. We're the best solution for concert production in Marrakech. Whether it's a single-person performance or a large concert, you're in good hands with the professionals at HighTech Events.

Our technicians have experience with both recorded and live music, so they're familiar with a host of different challenges. At concerts or other musical events where live music is only one portion of the event, this versatility is significantly important. When live music is only one part of your event, it's beyond important to have a concert production team that can instantly switch between acts without a hitch. This is just one of the many reasons why HighTech Events is unbelievably proud of our technicians.


HighTech excels at blending lighting, staging, audio, and video production. We orchestrate a cohesive and immersive experience for our clients and their guests.

HighTech begins with extensive pre-production work, collaborating with clients to create the desired effects. We provide solutions for creating unique looks and sounds. Additionally, we coordinate with various vendors to ensure a seamless event production experience.

Here are some case studies for examples of HighTech Events' 360 Integration at work...

We provide 3-D renderings, CAD files, walk-throughs, and testing to help clients visualize gear placement and its intended effect.

At HighTech, we combine cutting-edge technology with in-person meetings between our directors and engineers to ensure flawless integration of lighting, audio, and video cues during live events.

HighTech's experienced team meticulously coordinates and overlays technologies during live events, ensuring seamless execution. We explore all scenarios, troubleshoot, and create redundancies for a flawless production experience.


HighTech works with a diverse range of clients for social event production in Marrakech, offering creative solutions within budget constraints and tailored to your specific needs.

HighTech excels at transforming unconventional locations into unforgettable event spaces. We handle all aspects, including audio, lighting, video, and atmosphere, while ensuring flawless power generation and distribution. From bar mitzvahs in aircraft hangars to weddings in boat yards, we embrace unique venues and leave guests in awe.

When it comes to what we do, HighTech is proud to say that we offer a wide variety of services to ensure your event is unforgettable. We provide everything from DJ equipment to LED/LCD wall panels!


At HighTech, our skilled team of technicians is among the industry's finest. With decades of experience, they ensure seamless operation of all event equipment, making your event a success.

At HighTech, we provide top-notch event audio, lighting, and video equipment, meticulously maintained for optimal performance and appearance. With us, you can expect great successes, not horror stories, as we prioritize quality and detail.