Our Services



HightTech Events enables seamless video broadcasts that benefit both attendees and brands, keeping participants informed, connected, and showcasing products effectively.


HighTech Events offers premium D&B Audiotechnik system for concerts, along with skilled technicians and a wide range of high-quality equipment.


HighTech Events offers cutting-edge temporary structures like motorized truss systems, self-climbing roof systems, modular staging, catwalks, podiums, and more. We also provide event power distribution and generation solutions.


HighTech Events creates stunning lighting experiences, from elegant ballroom settings to electrifying concert light shows, using sleek and energy-efficient gear with a diverse range of effects.


HighTech Events excels in seamlessly integrating lighting, sound, and video to craft unparalleled event experiences that surpass expectations.


HighTech Events elevates your events with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including high-definition projectors, HD video walls, LED flatscreens, and groundbreaking 3-D video mapping techniques.


Lighting is transformative by nature. In the right person's hands, lighting for events can convert a drab, lifeless area into a bright oasis of color and liveliness. Lighting is not only about illuminating a room or reflecting a desired mood but about creating the energy and pulse of an event, much like music can do. This is the High Tech Event Lighting Philosophy.

High Tech stands out with its cutting-edge gear from GLP, Martin Professional, and Chauvet Professional. GLP leads the way in LED intelligent light systems, known for reliability and performance. Martin Professional has been a lighting industry staple for two decades, while Chauvet Professional offers exceptional quality and value.

High Tech excels in creating custom support structures for event lighting, ensuring elegance and safety. Our structures seamlessly blend into the environment or stand out as modern art. With custom gobos and expert lighting, we set the new standard in New York City events.

From a small boutique event in a non-traditional space to a large concert, High Tech can provide event power distribution and generation.


Excellence in sound at High Tech starts with the best audio equipment in the world.

Loudspeaker systems created by d&b audiotechnik are used globally in mobile and installation scenarios for events such as live concerts, musicals, festivals and corporate events in venues from concert halls to theaters, opera houses and convention centers; gracing everything from the tiniest conference rooms to the largest stadiums. The d&b quality of sound is peerless and brings sound to a whole new level.

We combine the D&B system with the best audio technicians in New York and arguably the country. Most of our technicians gained their vast experience doing large scale concerts and can flawlessly engineer any application: from a single podium microphone, to bands, to a large orchestra, to large scale conferences, product launches and presentations.

  • High Tech uses the D&B J and Q series for medium to large scale applications.
  • For extra punch we also carry the B2 and J-Infra subs for devastating bass.
  • For smaller applications, we have powerful slimline D&B T series speakers systems that are heard rather than seen.


All the best gear in the world is nothing if you don’t have the staging equipment to hang it from. We believe in creating beautiful structures that are as non-obtrusive as possible while ensuring that safety is never compromised. Our custom modular stages will impress just as much as your event itself.

High Tech Events can create new, self-contained temporary stages. We build motorized truss systems and self-climbing roof systems to suit your lighting, sound and video needs as well as the infrastructure of the space. We can build modular staging for all types of applications from a simple rise for a concert, speech or a DJ to catwalks for world-famous fashion designers. Step and repeats, podiums and other branded materials are also items we can provide and light at the same time.

Aesthetics are also important. We can cover most of our truss systems with white, black or custom-colored fabrics to suit your event. We also take great pains to hide cables to ensure that no detail is left untouched. We give you a complete custom stage experience, so your event will be sure to stand out.

Staging is particularly important when it comes to challenging spaces where the infrastructure just isn’t there, and we have to create a universe from the ground up with our custom stages. For these types of situations, we provide power distribution and generation, if necessary.


High Tech Event embraces the power of high-definition moving images in events. With top-of-the-line projectors, LED video walls, and media servers, we provide immersive video experiences. Our video systems from brands like Christie Digital, Digital Projection, and Barco ensure exceptional quality. Elevate your event with High Tech's cutting-edge video solutions.